Samarth Agarwal Books

Samarth Agrawal Books (SAB) is an eponymous venture of Samarth Agrawal, a former judge possessing brilliant academic credentials. Lack of quality study material in the field of judicial service examinations engendered this ambitious project.


The founder of this venture was suitably placed to assess the inadequacy of study materials owing to his personal experience of judicial service examinations of various States.

Furthermore, his successful streak at rigorous academic examinations like LL.M entrance and NET/JRF placed him in a perfect position to fill this void in the field of competitive exams pertaining to law.


Unlike the generally haphazard methods adopted for preparation of study material, Samarth Agrawal Books aims at imparting clarity to its readers. It provides easily understandable mental models that sharpen the readers’ legal acumen in light of the requirements of the exams. Systematic placement of topics, use of lucid language, use of illustrative flowcharts and updated case laws are the defining features of Samarth Agrawal Books. For this reason, some of our books have become immensely popular among the students in a very short time. 


We write books to facilitate the success of our readers. Devoid of any pretentious display of erudition, we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We adhere to this guiding principle and our books are a veritable reflection of it. Samarth Agrawal Books emphasizes on addressing the practical needs of the examination without compromising with their academic quality.


Our dedicated team under the guidance of our talented director, Shri Samarth Agrawal works assiduously to produce error free and high quality books. 


Nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved without smart hard work. Samarth Agrawal Books aims at honing the smartness quotient of its readers that adds indefatigable value to their hard work. Our books are the friends that would make the otherwise drab and uphill journey of competitive examinations a cherishable experience.


As an evolving venture, we invite, value and respect the feedback of our readers. Our success is a mere reflection of the success of our readers. Our whole team works in a professional and scientific manner to separate the proverbial grain from the chaff to prepare the best quality study materials.


Examinations are not cracked by working like a yoked bull. Examinations are cracked by adopting a suitable strategy. Samarth Agrawal Books is the potent tool that lets its readers evolve a strategy for each according to his need. Our every word is written with the intent to ensure success of our readers.


Let us embark on this journey of law, where we move together, grow together and succeed together!!