A Compendious Guide to All India Bar Examination

By (author)Samarth Agrawal



All India Bar Examination sets the minimum benchmark for admission to the practice of law. It
is a compulsory examination for those who want to practice law in India. The examination is quite
comprehensive and it is intended to test the candidate’s basic knowledge and skill in various
subjects of law. A total of 100 multiple choice questions are asked across varied subjects.
Different weightage is given to different subjects depending upon their importance.
In this guide, we have compiled the study material for every subject accompanied by practice
questions for each of them. It is in line with the latest syllabus and trend of questions asked in
the examination.


  • Concise Study Material
  • Point-wise presentation for easy understanding
  • Leading and recent cases for prelims
  • Previous Years’ Papers of AIBE
  • Multiple Choice Questions on Case Laws

Subjects covered:

Code of Criminal Procedure, Indian Evidence Act, Code of Civil Procedure, Indian Penal Code,
Constitution of India, Indian Contract Act, Transfer of Property Act, Hindu Laws, Muslim
Laws, Negotiable Instruments, Law of Torts, Specific Relief Act, Arbitration and Conciliation
Act, Administrative Law, Consumer Protection Act, Cyber Laws, Intellectual Property Laws,
Professional Ethics, Labour Laws, Motor Vehicles Act, Environmental Law, Law of Taxation,
Land Acquisition, Public Interest Litigation, Company Law