A Compendious Guide to Judicial Services Mains Examinations—Volume-III

By (author)Samarth Agrawal


Mains examinations of judicial services are generally considered a tough nut to crack. Students are required to prepare extensively. Sometimes it becomes difficult to assess the subject and prepare accordingly. Not all subjects stand on same footing. Some require extensive preparation at conceptual level, while others mainly require bare provisions to be learned. It is extremely important for students to understand how much importance is to be given to which topic of which subject. It can also be termed as strategic and tactical approach to the examination. This book tries to provide such approach.

One of the key features of this book is that it has been tailored to suit the needs of mains examinations. The study material given in any topic is sufficient to enable students to write effective answers. It must be noted that few topics demand conceptual clarity along with bare provisions and few of them demand only bare provisions to be written in the answer scripts. Therefore, topics have been treated according to their importance from the point of view of mains. Diagrammatic representations have also been included, wherever required, to enable easy understanding of the topic. At the end of each chapter, previous years’ unsolved questions of mains examinations of different States have been given. This will give a clear idea to students regarding the nature of questions that are asked.


  • Comprehensive study material for mains examinations
  • Diagrammatic presentation of important concepts
  • Previous years’ unsolved mains questions
  • Leading and recent cases for mains

Subjects covered:
Hindu Law, Muslim Law, Law of Limitation, Specific Relief Act, Indian Partnership Act, Sale of Goods Act, Law of Torts, Negotiable, Instruments Act, Indian Trust Act, Principles of Equity, Administrative Law, Company Law, Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Indian Easement Act, Law of Registration


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