• Books once sold on the website shall not be replaced or returned. A replacement request will only be entertained in case of defective books. The defect shall be brought to the notice within 2 days from date of receipt of the book. The defect in the books must be related to binding defect, misprints or blank pages.
  • The defective book must be sent back by the buyer to the publisher at his or her own cost. The shipping charges shall not be reimbursed by the publisher.
  • The buyer is required to send the following details on the registered email address:-

                1. Order number and date of purchase.

                2. Name and edition of the book including reason for replacement along with image of defective portion of the book.

                3. Total amount paid and payment mode.

  • No replacement will be accepted without prior approval of Samarth Agrawal Books LLP. We will inform you whether your replacement request is approved or rejected.
  • The book to be replaced must reach to us within seven days of intimation.
  • The replacement will be made with same edition only subject to availability in stock. In case of non-availability of same edition a refund will be initiated. The time taken to get the replacement item may be up to 15 days or more.
  • Samarth Agrawal Books LLP shall not be liable for refund of money. Our liability is only restricted to replacement of the book. Samarth Agrawal Books LLP shall also not be responsible for any loss or damage caused due to defective book and due to time taken to replace the book.